10x20x1 Electrostatic Air Furnace Filter

10x20x1 Electrostatic Air Furnace Filter
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10x20x1 Electrostatic Air Furnace Filter
10x20x1 Electrostatic Washable Permanent AC Furnace Filter

Replaces standard 10x20x1 sized disposable filters. Standard filters are generally undercut 3/8 inch. The actual size of this filter is 9-5/8 x 19-5/8 x 7/8

These filters retail elsewhere for $79.99-$99.99.

Electrostatic Filter Magnet

Our Electrostatic filters act like dust magnets. They clean your indoor air of allergens like pollen, dust, mold spores and pet dander. They are designed to build a natural static charge as air passes through them. Unlike paper or fiberglass filters, electrostatic filters actually attract and hold dust particles until they are washed out.

All filters come with Lifetime Warranty.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

These permanent, washable air filters remove up to 95% of airborne allergens and contaminants and feature low air resistance.

Be Careful! Not all electrostatic filters are the same! It is very important that air filters have LOW AIR RESISTANCE so they don't make your central air unit work harder. This can lead to higher energy bills and eventual damage to your HVAC unit. Our filters feature a low 0.12 WG air resistance rating. If you clean our filters regularly (every 30-60 days), they will clean your air AND protect your air handler.

Easy to Clean -- These filters are tough and can be vacuumed off, hosed off outside (or in the tub/shower) or cleaned with compressed air.

Changing Furnace Filter



94.7% EFFECTIVE (best on the market) - that's 10 times better than a throw-away filter.

EPA APPROVED ANTI-MICROBIAL COATING - to prevent mold and bacteria from growing


HOLDS AN AMAZING 165 GRAMS OF DIRT. The most of any filter on the market.

Air Care filters are made out of electro-static polypropylene mesh and polyester media with an extruded stainless steel frame, mitered corners and galvanized wire mesh screening.


The Electra 9400 is designed to provide high dust arrestance and low air resistance. Two layers of woven monofilament polupropylene with integral anti-microbial material provides 10 times more filtration than a disposable fiberglass filter. The deep loading center layer of non-woven polyester allows the Electra 9400 to prolong the time between washings.


Above, you will see a drop down menu that allows you to choose from 3 different frame styles:

The Standard Metal frames are silver colored, made from stainless steel with silver metal mesh and grey filter media.

The Deluxe Gold frames are made from premium quality extruded stainless steel, with a durable and attractive Gold Anodized finish, silver mesh and black filter media. The extra-strong gold frame is best for large filters.

The Flexible frames are used for applications where a rigid frame will not fit. The edges of the filter are woven and the filters will bend and twist.


Recent Customer Feedback...

"Love the filter, our home has never smelled better." - Jaime from Mission, Texas

"Thank you so very much!!! I will certainly continue to use your site and recommend to everyone. I have never had such quick and great customer service!!" - Jo from Deerfield Beach, Florida

“Thank you very much, air filter is perfect size and working great so far.” - Johannes from Avondale, Arizona

“FAST shipping! These filters are GREAT!!!! I'm so happy I found this site!!!” - Lisa from Fruitland, New Mexico

“Awesome!!!! My allergies have cleared up and my house smells fresh and clean!!” - Shelton from Riverview, Florida

"I don’t think I could be happier with my new BoAir filter, thank you. Thank you for building me a great filter." - Grahame from North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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