Air Conditioner Filters for Life

The manufacturers' maintenance recommendations on most heating, ventilation and air conditioning units suggest that you replace the filter at least every three months. Many also advocate replacing home air filters monthly for the best indoor air quality. Replacing air conditioner filters at that rate is a never-ending hassle, a constant drain on your wallet and a significant burden on our nation's landfills.

If you're tired of making those special trips to the store and continuing the everlasting cycle of total filter replacement, has your solution. Our site allows you to buy permanent, cleanable electrostatic air filters at the lowest prices on the market. A single filter of this kind will last for as long as you own your home or HVAC system, and when you buy it here, it can cost less than two years' worth of disposable filters.

Top Electrostatic Air Filters

In general, electrostatic furnace filter design has the advantage over that of disposable filters in virtually every performance category. But even within the range of electrostatic air filters, there are some models that consistently perform better than others. At, we've selected only the best of the best to sell to our customers. Those of you seeking the ultimate filter design should be sure to review the incredible 5-stage filters available from BoAir. These washable furnace filters represent the pinnacle of engineering and design in the HVAC industry, and they come pre-treated with anti-microbial agents that fight the development of mold and mildew.

After you look over our HVAC filters, we hope you spend a little more time on so that you can review our premium range of air purifiers. As a complement to a high quality filter, these devices can help you to remove pet odors, reduce the severity of indoor allergens and cut down on indoor dust. And just like our filters, all of the air purifiers listed on are listed at the lowest prices online or anywhere else.

Remove Pet Odors with Ease

Even the most meticulous pet owners struggle with pungent pet smells. Many pet owners don't realize that removing pet odors from pet beds, carpets, furniture and other items around the home by cleaning them regularly has little effect on indoor air quality. Hard-to-see pet hair, dander, and skin particles are constantly floating around in homes occupied by pets, causing unpleasant odors even after everything else has been cleaned.

Upgrading to the high quality air conditioner filters sold on our site isn't enough to effectively purge these odor-causing particles from your indoor air. But adding a pet-specific indoor air purifier like The Pet Machine from Austin Air can give you results that are immediately noticeable. Keep reading the articles on to learn more about this unique unit, or take a closer look at the product specs now by following the Austin Air Room Air Purifiers link in our navigation menu.

We offer only the best in air conditioner filters and electrostatic air filters. Try one today and see the difference!