Genuine BoAir Electrostatic Furnace Filters - Only $62.99

BoAir 5-Stage Electrostatic Air Filters
BoAir 5-Stage Electrostatic Air Filters
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BoAir 5-Stage Electrostatic Air Filters
Genuine BOAIR 5-stage electrostatic filters.

Canadian orders - $35.00 shipping charge
Please note that Canadian buyers will also pay customs charges to UPS.

This 5-stage AC filter is great for reducing allergens and dust in your indoor air. Recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers. Up to 25 times more effective in removing airborne dust, spores, dander and other contaminants than regular filters

We are an official BoAir authorized factory dealer.

Due to our high volume of filter sales we can offer these filters at the LOWEST PRICE AVAILABLE ANYWHERE!!

Available in 1/8 inch increments

Common furnace filter sizes are 20x20x1; 20x25x1, 20x30x1; 14x20x1; 14x25x1; 14x30x1; 16x20x1; 16x25x1; 16x30x1; 10x10x1; 10x20x1; 12x20x1; 12x24x1; 12x25x1; 12x30x1; 14x24x1; 15x20x1; 16x24x1; 16x30x1; 18x18x1; 18x20x1; 18x24x1; 18x25x1; 18x30x1; 24x24x1; 25x25x1; 20x24x1

Square inch size is determined by multipying W x L -- ie 20x30x1 = 20x30 = 600 sq inches

* Replaces your furnace air filters and/or air conditioning filters.
* Will work with all central heat and a/c systems.

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HOW TO ORDER...5 Easy Steps

  1. Determine your frame size in square inches by multiplying the length by the width. For example, a 20x30x1 filter is 600 square inches (20x30=600)

  2. Determine whether you want an ALUMINUM FRAME or a FLEXIBLE FRAME and choose the correct option in the drop-down menu (Metal frames are 7/8 inch thick. ALL flexible frames are 1/2 inch thick and are used in special applications where filter must bend or twist for installation. They are generally used where a metal frame won't fit)

  3. Determine the size filter(s) you need and enter the size in the box above.

  4. Choose your filter thickness. Most standard filters are 1 inch thick. We also can make 2 inch and 1/2 inch thick specialty filters.

  5. Use the 5th drop-down menu above to choose how you measured your filter size. Either (A) The size you entered is printed on your current filter...or...(B) You measured the filter yourself with a tape measure.

Note for multiple filter purchases: You will have to go through this process for each filter you order.

Feel free to email us at with any questions.


*Highest quality in the industry - we're so confident in our electrostatic filters that we back them with a lifetime warranty (10 years for commercial applications).

*No polyester - BoAir electrostatic filters contain NO polyester, meaning they are easier than ever to clean, and they're less restrictive than competing products.

*High performance - BoAir filters have undergone independent A.S.H.R.A.E. testing and boast dust arrestance in excess of 90% with initial resistance of a mere 0.10 w.g. at 1200 CFM.

*Easy for you to maintain - BoAir electrostatic filters are permanent, washable and re-usable. Simply rinse with clean water, let dry and re-install.

*The Only filter with VIBAX MI-50 - BoAir electrostatic filters are the only ones embedded with VIBAX MI-50, an anti-microbial agent which helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

For the past 15 years, BoAir Inc. has manufactured its high-quality permanent air conditioning and heating filters for residential and commercial use. Our permanent filters are "drop-in" replacements for existing disposable furnace air filters and are up to 25 times more effective in removing airborne dust, spores, dander and other contaminants than regular filters.

BoAir filters are constructed with 5 layers of media (not just three like others) and surrounded by a rugged aluminum filter frame. A unique combination of Polypro with Polyurethane foam media attract and hold the airborne pollutants inside the layers of the electrostatic filter until they are released by washing.

Installation: Simply install your BoAir Electrostatic Air Filter where your old filter was located. The arrow on the filter frame indicates the direction of the air flow. Air will travel in through the light side of the filter and out through the dark side.

Cleaning: BoAir filters should be cleaned every 4-6 weeks. To clean, remove your filter and use a brush or vacuum to remove dry dust. Next, rinse with water in the opposite direction of the airflow arrow. If necessary, an all-purpose cleaner such as Formula 409® or Fantastik® can be used to remove cigarette smoke residue or other contaminants that may adhere to the filter's media.. After using, rinse thoroughly, drain excess water until dry and reinstall. Don’t expose your filter to direct sunlight or extreme heat for any extended period of time, and never use oil or other chemical sprays on your filter.

A Genuine BoAir filter can be identified by its logo and a unique serial number.

Please allow 7-10 days for UPS shipping.

UNITED STATES: FREE shipping & FREE shipping insurance

CANADA: Canadian orders will be charged an additional $35.00 for shipping. Please allow 2-3 weeks for Canadian shipping.
Please note that Canadian buyers will also pay customs charges to UPS.

Colorado residents pay 3.9% sales tax.

We have Genuine BoAir Filters in all standard and custom furnace filter sizes. Order today and save!

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