Bulk Filter Orders

Bulk Filter Orders

We welcome bulk filter orders and offer discounted pricing and free shipping with large orders (see below for details).

Frequently Asked Questions

How large is a BULK ORDER?
A BULK ORDER consists of 10 or more filters.

How can a typical buyer quality for a BULK ORDER?
One great thing about our BULK ORDERS is that you can get many different sizes in one order. So, let's say you have 3 filters in your home...two 20x20x1 and a 20x30x1. Your daughter also has 3 filters...two 12x12x1 and a 16x25x1. Your son has 4 filters, but they are are all strange custom sizes. You can place an order for all 10 of these filters together...even though they are different sizes...and qualify for BULK ORDER discounts.

What if I don't need 10 filters?
Check with family, friends or workmates and see if they want to go in with you on a BULK ORDER.

What type of discount can I get?
BULK ORDER discounts start at 10% and go up with quantity.
Call us at 1-888-261-0455 for specific discount for orders over 10 filters.

Do All BULK ORDERS get free shipping?
Our BoAir brand filters already have free shipping. To qualify for FREE SHIPPING on our Air Care filters:
(1) Order must ship to one address
(2) Order must consist of one brand (ie: Air Care and BoAir brand filters cannot be combined)

How do I place a BULK ORDER?
Please call Frank at 1-888-261-0455 to place a BULK ORDER.

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