Expert Help with Electrostatic Filters

Although it's a hassle to have to constantly buy and replace disposable fiberglass air filters, doing so isn't an especially complicated task. Occasionally, we'll work with customers who feel overwhelmed with the specification data and advanced technology related to the electrostatic filters we offer. We admit that understanding the amazing filtering capabilities of an electrostatic filter isn't quite as simple as sliding a cardboard-framed fiberglass filter into place. If you have any questions at all about the products listed on our site or any product that you've already ordered, we encourage you to contact us at 1-800-854-1031 or via e-mail at We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service support before, during and after each sale. Whether you need help choosing the right electrostatic air filters for your home, comparing our brands and models or cleaning your indoor air by other means, we're standing by to serve you. If you've recently placed an order on our site, please bookmark and return at any time for more information.

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Electrostatic Air Filters and Maintenance

Our filters are designed to give you the highest quality air out of your HVAC system, but keeping that quality level at its peak requires a little ongoing maintenance on your part. You've probably already read about the simple cleaning and maintenance methods of electrostatic air filters in our other articles, and you know that keeping your filters clean is actually a very quick, light job. The challenge, when it comes to maintenance, is simply remembering that it's time to clean.

There are all sorts of helpful ways to remember to clean and maintain your electrostatic filters. For example, if you vacuum your home regularly, just make sure you remove the filter and vacuum it clean every time you get the vacuum cleaner out. That way, you can keep it at its cleanest all year long.

You can also mark the maintenance schedule on your calendar or planner, or just establish a habit of cleaning the filter on the same numbered day of every month. If your indoor air quality is so high that you only need to clean your filter every three months, you can synchronize your filter cleaning schedule with your car's oil change schedule, too.