Filter Specifications

Filter Specs
What makes a good electrostatic filter?

A strong, durable frame with filter media that balances arrestance with resistance. Some filters have excellent dust arrestance but too much air resistance. What's the problem with that? Too much resistance puts a strain on your system's blower and results in higher energy bills. It can even damage your heat and air system over extended periods of time.


Built by Air-Care in Las Vegas, NV. Air-Care is not just a filter company. They are in the Indoor Air Quality business and look at the issue of air filtration from all angles. That's why their filters provide the best balance of arrestance and resistance.

All Air-Care filters have the same filtration specs.
Tested using ASHRAE 52.1 PROTOCOL

Peak Arrestance: 94.7
Initial Resistance: 0.12" W.G.
Dust Holding: 165 grams
Airflow Rate: 300 FPM
End Point of Test: 0.50" W.G.
Typical MERV Rating: 6-8


2 Layers of Monofilament, woven polypropylene - Self charging electrostatic
1 Layer Non-Woven Polyester - Depth loading, impingement type secondary filter
2 Layers of expanded steel provide support and air foil
1 Aluminum Frame to structurally hold and seal filter material layers


BoAir filters are tested using ASHRAE 52.1 PROTOCOL

Peak Arrestance: <90%
Initial Resistance: 0.10" W.G. at 1200 cfm
Dust Holding: 160 grams @ 1.0" W.G.

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