Remove Pet Odors with Purifiers

If you have pets in your home, it's likely that you at least have the occasional odor problem. Cleaning fabrics, floors and surfaces will only take care of part of the problem; if you want to remove pet odors thoroughly, you must clean the air as well.

The Austin Air purifiers featured on our site all do a spectacular job of filtering out these odors, and Austin Air has even engineered a special model for this specific purpose. There are many reasons why we've chosen to sell Austin Air purifiers on our site out of all of the manufacturers in this growing industry. One reason is that the size and quality of the HEPA filters used in these machines are far superior to others on the market. Another great feature is that all of Austin Air's machines are exceptionally quiet during operation. You can learn more about these purifiers and the home air filters that also met our strict quality standards by exploring the product links in the navigation menu along the left side of the page. Just read the product specs to learn more, or contact our experts with your questions if you would like additional information.

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Home Air Filters vs. Purifiers

It's important for us to draw a clear distinction between filters and purifiers for our customers. Home air filters typically slide into the vents of your home's HVAC system, and they filter out dust, mold, mildew, allergens and other particles that originate from your HVAC unit and ducts. Air purifiers are stand-alone units that suck in air, filter out dust, odors and allergens, and recycle clean air back into the home.

One device cannot take the place of the other, but both can work in concert to give you the cleanest, freshest and most pleasant smelling indoor air. If your primary concern is to remove pet odors, the smell of smoke or even strong cooking smells from your indoor environment, you'll get much more satisfaction out of a high quality purifier than simply a high quality electrostatic filter. On the other hand, if you want to control the dust circulating around your home, you'll find that our electrostatic filters will offer superior results. Employ both inside your home, and you'll enjoy the best of both worlds.