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* Replaces disposable furnace and air
  conditioning filters
* Will work with all central heat and a/c
* Manufactured in Florida, Illinois and Nevada

Reduce dust in your house with a washable furnace filter!
Enjoy cleaner air and less allergies with our electrostatic air filter!

Tired of forgetting to buy that pesky furnace filter every 3 months?
Tired of looking for that odd-sized filter that no one seems to stock?
Stop wasting your time and money on ineffective disposable air filters. We feature permanent, metal-framed washable electrostatic filters from Air Care and BoAir. Never buy another filter again!

Our Electrostatic Air Filters Feature:

High Dust Arrestance...
Low Air Resistance.

Just vacuum off or hose off every 1-3 months and re-install.
Lifetime Warranty. 95% arrestance. Available in 41 standard sizes and custom sizes. Available in metal frame, deluxe frame and flexible frame (great for mobile home furnaces).
These same electrostatic filters retail elsewhere for $79.99-$99.99...
Get your washable AC filter at neverbuyanotherfilter.com today for 50% OFF!

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We provide electrostatic filters in every size you might need. Order from us today and Save!

Electrostatic Filters: Air Conditioner Filters That Last

It simply doesn't make sense to use ordinary disposable air conditioner filters anymore. Although individual disposable air filters are cheap, the costs will continue to accumulate with no end in sight; you'll easily spend hundreds of dollars if you continue using those disposable fiberglass filters for the rest of your life.

Instead, consider making the switch to the durable, washable furnace filters sold here on neverbuyanotherfilter.com. These electrostatic air filters are easy to rinse, clean and replace, eliminating the need for you to run to the store for more disposables. Electrostatic air filters will save you both time and money and you won't contribute to the growing burden on our nation's landfills by adding a dozen slow-biodegrading fiberglass filters to the heap every year.

As you explore neverbuyanotherfilter.com and consider your options for reusable filters, you'll also find a premium selection of air purification systems. These powerful machines can remove pet odors, dust and irritating allergens from the air inside your home, making every room more comfortable and pleasant..,